HearGlueEar App

We are very excited to announce the launch of the HearGlueEar app which is now FREE to download and use through the Apple App store. Click here to download now

The HearGlueEar app has been designed for children experiencing hearing loss due to glue ear. You will need to register your and your childs’ details before being able to access the app. In the app you will find a host of songs, games and audiobooks created especially for the app to support a child with glue ear.


It is important to make sure that the child using this app is listening at an appropriate volume. If the volume is too high this may lead to further hearing loss and damage to the inner ear, if the volume is too low the child will not be able to hear the content and will not get all the benefits of the app. Please take some time to optimise the volume with the child using the app before allowing them to use it.

Glue ear can worsen and improve over time, so the appropriate volume to listen at may also change over time. Regularly review what volume the child is listening at and make adjustments as necessary.

Despite the hearing loss your child is currently experiencing the mechanisms in their ears are still sensitive and can be damaged.


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