Welcome to HearGlueEar,  your resource in how to help your child to hear better while they have Glue Ear. Glue ear is when the middle ear becomes congested, and fluid builds up behind the ear drum.  Sometimes glue ear can affect a child’s hearing. Sometimes glue ear gets better by itself within a few weeks and sometimes it takes a long time which is when audiologists or doctors can help provide suggestions about best management. The medical term for glue ear is ‘otitis media with effusion’ sometimes abbreviated to OME.

We aim for this website to provide…..

  • Information about ‘glue ear’
  • Information about the type of hearing loss caused by glue ear.
  • Important resources that have been earmarked by the NHS as useful for families suffering from Glue Ear.
  • Information for families involved in our HearGlueEar research study.

To find out  ABOUT the HearGlueEar team click here.

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We are interested in the ‘Watchful Waiting’ period of Glue Ear management. ‘Watchful Waiting’ is the period where the child waits to see if either..

  1. Their hearing improves by itself.
  2. Their hearing does not improve and therefore a referral to the Ear Nose and Throat specialists (ENT) is needed to discuss other management options (such as a grommet operation).

We are currently doing a study aimed at seeing whether we can help children during this ‘watchful waiting’ period. We wonder whether, over this time, a child’s speech and language skills, listening skills, socio-communication skills, attention and understanding, may be affected by Glue Ear, and we want to provide different interventions the families can use at home,  to see which one helps. We hope to provide families with more options to self-manage their child’s glue ear , and hopefully improve their quality of life. The only way of being certain is to do a study where we monitor children with Glue Ear and see if any of these interventions help.


nov2013 036
Above: a child with an ear infection where the ear drum has perforated and infected fluid is draining out of the ear. This child went on to have glue ear later.

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We are images (1)currently conducting a pilot study within the NHS looking at a small group of children to see  whether certain audio computer-based games may help their listening skills and auditory processing skills over the period of time that they have Glue Ear,  and for another group of children to see whether  a headband using bone conducting technology can help.

More information can be found on THE STUDY page. We anticipate the results of this study will be available from Sept-Oct 2018, and we will keep this website updated.  Please see the listening DEVICE page for more information on the technology.

Be sure to make full use of this website and feel free to contact us if there is other information that you believe would be useful to post or your own ideas about best practice in this situation. Please use the CONTACT page to get more information on how to get in touch with us.



This study would not be possible without the help of funding from the following:

CAmbs hearing trust Cambridge Hearing Trust : Relief of persons who are profoundly deaf, by research and the provision of electrical devices for surgical implantation.

Med_Size_New_LogoHealth Enterprise East. The leading NHS Innovation Hub for the East of England: A non-profit making organisation which supports the development of innovative new health products and services which meet the needs of the NHS.


British Society of Audiology. The BSA is the largest audiology society in Europe which aims to advance audiological research, learning, practice and impact in hearing and balance.

NHS HE-East-of-EnglandEast of England : Health Education East of England (HEEoE) is the Local Education and Training Board that covers Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. HEEoE is a subcommittee of Health Education England, and they exist to ensure the security of workforce supply and continuously to improve the quality of education, training and development in the east of England. We also aim to enable the health and care workforce to respond effectively to the needs of patients, carers and families.

bapa-logoBAPA: British Association of Paediatricians in Audiology – Winner of the BAPA Annual Prize 2017


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